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Download FIELD's Energy Flow On Android And iOS

FIELD’s non-linear film Energy Flow is finally available for you to feast your eyes on. Best of all, it’s free!

by The Creators Project Staff
10 December 2012, 5:47pm

For the past few months, we’ve been chronicling the creation of a bold new experiment in digital storytelling, a film experience from UK-based digital art studio FIELD. Developed in partnership with The Creators Project, Energy Flow is a non-linear, digitally animated film composed of 10 interwoven story lines that recombine every time it’s viewed. The stories are metaphors of tension, turmoil, and change—inspired by the social upheavals we see all around us today—and draw upon the pervading sense of interconnectedness that seems to drive our world.

You can finally experience Energy Flow for yourself by downloading the free mobile app for iOS or Android.

The stunning visuals of Energy Flow, which FIELD call “paintings in motion,” look deceptively simple to the average viewer but are actually the result of months of visual research, prototyping, and complex computer-generated processes. FIELD’s been taking us behind the scenes and revealing their creative process and sources of inspiration in a weekly series of blog posts that dive into each of the 10 story lines to explain their meaning and method.

FIELD’s New Generative Film Energy Flow Captures A World In Turmoil:
FIELD reveal how contemporary sculptors and painters like Gerhard Richter and David Schnell inspired the visual aesthetic of the film.

Visualizing The Energy Flow Of “Life”: Meet Digital Art Studio FIELD:
We take an in-depth look at how the “Life” chapter of Energy Flow was equally inspired by National Geographic films and data visualization.

FIELD’s Energy Flow: Exploring The Order And Chaos Of “Chance”:
FIELD explain how the ancient Chinese divination system I Ching and complex geometric systems and physics theories such as the Calabi-Yau manifold influenced the “Chance” chapter.

FIELD’s Energy Flow: The Tumultuous Energy Of “Riots”:
The chapter that started it all, “Riots” looks at how the London riots and Arab Spring made FIELD realize there is an energy shift happening, and gave birth to the idea of Energy Flow.

We’ll be continuing to release exclusive behind-the-scenes blog posts and videos, peeling back the layers of this intricately complex filmic experience in the weeks to come. Check back on the blog and on for more information. Find out more about FIELD in our video profile below.


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