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Yes, Yes That *Is* Danny Dyer Doing Amy Winehouse on Lip Sync Battle UK

We're not even going to try to think of something funny to put here because it absolutely won’t be as good as these photos.

by Lauren O'Neill
05 January 2017, 10:58am

Daniel John Dyer is a national treasure. This is because he likes to fucking av it and he is on Eastenders, and those are two of the necessary criteria for national treasure-hood here in the big UK. With career highlights as varied as working with Harold Pinter and doing a BBC Three documentary about believing in UFOs, Danny is beloved by the entire social spectrum, uniting mums and lads alike. Indeed, he is so connected to the cultural consciousness that a woman thought her washing machine sounded like him. And to be honest, it did. It did.

So where does Danny Dyer, a man at the height of his powers, go from here? Of course, there is only one way he can go: pretending to be Amy Winehouse on national television, fag in hand and 'Daddy's Girl' tattoo and all.

Danny will appear as the queen of North London on tomorrow's (January 6) season two launch of Lip Sync Battle, UK which is hosted by Professor Green and Mel B. Our version boasts slightly less impressive celebrity guests than its American cousin, but is also far more off its tits (somewhat related: here's Kat Slater doing P!nk on a recent episode).

Danny Dyer's Lip Sync Battle UK, on which he goes up against Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood, will air tomorrow on Channel 5 at 10pm. In the meantime, get hyped with this clip of Danny doing his best yer-man-out-of-Kasabian impression (he mostly just looks like he wants to glass someone, and that is why we love him):

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(Images via Channel 5)

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