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The Hate Issue

Hello, White People!

Is there anything cuter than two identical twin twelve-year-old girls who have a band together? And what if they perform folky versions of classic racist songs by bands like Skrewdriver and Rahowa?

by Jesse Pearson
01 December 2004, 12:00am

Photos by Kelly Parsell (note the boots)

Is there anything cuter than two identical twin twelve-year-old girls who have a band together? How about if they dress in matching plaid skirts—that ups the cuteness quotient, right? And what if they perform folky versions of classic racist songs by bands like Skrewdriver and Rahowa? Whoa! Now we are heading into the cute danger zone.

And the best part of it all? These girls have the talent to back it all up. They sing like angels, harmonize like only siblings can, and are more adept at their chosen instruments than most one-hit-wonder crap. "Disco punk," you say? "New wave of necro metal?" Those are passing fancies. Prussian Blue are doing nothing short of trying to change the course of humanity. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Lynx and Lamb, the girls of Prussian Blue.

VICE: Hi girls. So, who plays what?
: I play violin and sing.
Lamb: And I play the guitar and sing. We've been playing for two years now.

Your set is a mix of covers by white-power bands, some traditional fare, and some originals. How do you determine a song that you would like to cover?
Usually our friends suggest songs that they'd like to hear us sing. We choose ones that we like and that can easily be changed to acoustic. And they have to be songs that have meaning to us and our listeners and have a good message for White youngsters.

"The Snow Fell" is such a classic Skrewdriver song. How do you take something by a band that used traditional rock instrumentation and adapt it to the instruments that you play?
Well, we just play it, only using an acoustic guitar instead of an electric. Lynx figures out where to put in the violin parts. We do stuff until it sounds good. Sometimes we need to change the melody of the song a bit, like we did on our rendition of "The Snow Fell."

What sort of gigs do you generally play? I know that you played the Folk the System 2004 festival, which was sponsored by the National Alliance, but do you also play in any local establishments or at county fairs?
Sure, we just finished playing at a local county fair. We also play at open mic nights and Renaissance fairs. We play a lot of National Alliance events, like meetings and conferences, as well as other events like a recent IHR (Institute of Historical Review) conference.

If you play to a crowd that's mixed in terms of political views, are there certain songs that might not make it into the set?
We do play a slightly different set when we play a mainstream venue than we do when we play in front of racially conscious people.

Do you feel the need to tone down your politics when playing for certain crowds?
It's not that we're embarrassed about our message or our songs that are more obviously pro-white, it's that we know that if certain people complained about the content of our songs (like if we use the term "Aryan"), we might not be allowed to play again at that venue.

What do you think is the most important social issue facing the white race right now? Do you have any songs that address this issue?
Not having enough white babies born to replace ourselves and generally not having good-quality white people being born. It seems like smart white girls who have good eugenics are more interested in making money in a career or partying than getting married and having a family. And yes, we are working on some new songs about this issue.

Please tell me the significance of the name Prussian Blue.
Part of our heritage is Prussian German. Also our eyes are blue, and Prussian Blue is just a really pretty color. There is also the discussion of the lack of "Prussian Blue" coloring (Zyklon B residue) in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the "Holocaust" myth.

What are the plans for the near future of Prussian Blue? Are you going to make a record soon?
Resistance Records will be selling our new CD, Fragment of the Future—the title is from a Colin Jordan [Britain's leading race dissident] quote. It should be out by the end of the year. If you want something now, Resistance is also selling a DVD called Gathering of the Gods that was filmed last year in Perris, California. It has us singing a lot of our songs, but we have improved a lot since then!

What are some of your favorite groups, either current or past?

We really like Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, AC/DC, and Alison Krauss. For racial groups we like Final War, CutThroat, Saga, Max Resist, Youngland, Brutal Attack, and of course Skrewdriver. But our all-time favorite is Barney the purple dinosaur!

See for more info. No, we did not make this up.

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