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A UKIP Councillor Said People Blocking Brexit Should Be Killed with a Bullet

But it was all a big lol!

by Salma Haidrani
20 July 2016, 3:00pm

Cllr Terry Nathan (Via Bromley Council website)

Remember when Nigel Farage said that Leave won the referendum "without a single bullet being fired"? Well, now UKIP councillor Terence Nathan now faces a police probe after suggesting that Remainers should be killed. With a bullet.

Posting on Facebook, the Bromley Councillor for Cray Valley West wrote: "Time to start killing these people till Article 50 is invoked, perhaps Remainers will get the message then."

After someone responded with "Really Terry, that's not necessary," he shot back with: "Not threatening anyone, no need for threats just a bullet". Nice.

UKIP gallantly came to his rescue, stating that the councillor was "obviously joking": "His joke was in very poor taste, but we have spoken to him and he is mortified. There seems no advantage to anyone to take it further."

Nathan himself says the comments should be taken "with a pinch of salt". He added: "It was honestly intended as a ridiculous overstatement. Anyone would tell you that I hold dear both respect and democracy. I would never seriously have advocated such violence. I apologise for any offence taken as this was never my intention."

Nathan's comments are the latest in a long line of scandals to hit the party. In 2014, former UKIP Councillor David Silvester blamed flooding in the UK on the legalisation of gay marriage. In 2013, Godfrey Bloom hit Michael Crick on the head with a UKIP Conference brochure because he dared to ask why there were no black people in it.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said that enquiries were ongoing.


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Cllr Terry Nathan