The Road to Nowhere

Photos by Jonnie Craig.

26 September 2014, 5:00am

American Apparel boxers; Diesel boxers; American Apparel swimming trunks

Producers: Caisa Ederyd and Hugo Anderholm
Photographer's assistant: Helmuth Bobroy
Fashion Editor: Kylie Griffiths
Hand Prints: Hammer Lab
Models: Erik F and Lisa B at Stockholmsgruppen, Movits Lenninger, Rasmus Kalen and Henry Vesterlund at Nisch Management, Beeta Holmgren, Astrid Wesstrom and Artis the dog

Zara shawl

NN.07/No Nationality trousers

Ralph Lauren shirt, Levi's jeans

Wood Wood T-shirt, Levi's jeans, American Apparel boxers

Carhartt sweater; NN.07/No Nationality sweater

Hilfiger Denim sweater; Levi's jeans

Wood Wood shirt, Beyond Retro trousers

Beyond Retro trousers, Wood Wood T-shirt; American Apparel bodysuit; Beyond Retro jeans

Morley sweater, Dockers shorts, H&M shoes; Vans sweater, Edwin jeans, Vans shoes

Tommy Hilfiger sweater, Calvin Klein jeans, Converse shoes; NN. 07/No Nationality trousers