Holy Shit

Look! Another 55-Second Clip of Something from The XX!

This time there's a voice over the swirl.

by Alex Robert Ross
07 November 2016, 9:17am

Three days after rousing their still-sizable fanbase with a 55-second snippet of new material​, charming chillwave types The XX have returned with more of the same. Or similar. This afternoon, another untitled 55-second clip appeared on Spotify.

It's another sweeping, reverberating mass of gently-struck, overdriven guitars, though this time a man's voice can be heard in the background. Listen (and observe the artwork):

If The XX are releasing a new album—and it looks for all the world as though that's what they're doing—this is a pretty fun way of teasing new material. You have our attention, you sensitive young bucks.

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