We Partied with Defiant Greek 'No' Voters Last Night in the Streets of Athens

Here's how the capital city looked in the hours following the referendum result.

by Panagiotis Maidis
06 July 2015, 9:45am

This article originally appeared on VICE Greece

Jubilant Greeks poured into Athens' Syntagma Square last night to celebrate a referendum result that overwhelmingly said "no" to more years of austerity and debt repayments. Wrapped in blue and white flags and singing traditional protest songs, the crowd was drawn from the 61 percent of voters who chose to defy the country's creditors elsewhere in Europe.

After a long, stressful week of closed banks and a daily cash withdrawal limit of 60 euros per person, many of those celebrating said the "no" vote had restored some pride to the country. Greece has laboured under the repayment demands of the EU and the continent's financial institutions for five years, and many Greeks resent what they see as their vilification as feckless southern idlers.

It's likely that for many the celebratory mood will begin to fade as the ramifications of the "no" vote become clear this week. But despite their uncertainty about what happens next, the people in Syntagma last night seemed happy that their voice was finally being heard.

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