Photos of Bowie Fans Celebrating His Life with a Singalong in Brixton

We asked a few people there what exactly the Thin White Duke meant to them.

by Jake Lewis
12 January 2016, 10:19am

Yesterday morning, it was announced that David Bowie had died at the age of 69. People from around the world mourned his loss in their own ways – but many of these ways were actually pretty similar, in that they involved dancing, drinking and loudly singing his songs in public. Big, face-painted memorial parties in cities the globe over, celebrating a life well lived.

We went to Brixton last night, where hundreds of people had congregated outside the Ritzy Cinema to pay homage to the Thin White Duke, and asked a few fans what David Bowie meant to them.

Anne, 18: I enjoy his music a lot. I can't say it has had the same profound effect as it has had on [Linus], but I love his music. I think it's inspirational for that reason.

Linus, 19: He was one of the first people who made me feel like it was acceptable to be the person I am.

Zoe, 23: His music is something I remember from a very young age, and it's always been really important to me.

Murray, 31: He was such a force of creativity when I was growing up. As a gay kid in Cornwall it was so different to everything else, and even though it was a long time after the 70s it still had a big impact on me. It opened my eyes. It was like music from another world, and it was fantastic. I just love the guy. It took me on a complete journey and all the different stuff he did.

Topher, 26: I grew up with him. He was my mum's hero and she passed him down to me.

Bonnie, 27: I think, as a teenager, I felt really left out and was a bit of a goth. I didn't know where my place was, and then I discovered the whole glam rock thing and he was one of those pivotal people, the king of music.

Darren, 42: He taught me to be different, and to not be afraid of being different. Just be.

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