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Morrissey is a Grown Baby Who Didn't Perform Last Night Because The Stage Was Too Cold

The Mariah of rock strikes again.
06 November 2017, 1:19pm

Morrissey is, as we well know, famous for cancelling shows. Sometimes he cancels for legit reasons, such as ill health. Other-times, a burst water pipes has gotten in the way. Once Moz even flipped a tour with David Bowie, presumably because he was first on stage and didn't fancy playing to half-empty concert halls of young men and women dressed in glitter and high heels.

Last night however, at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles, California, is the cherry on the cake. Or in Moz's case, the most pathetic excuse, really. The reason the man cancelled? As reported by, because it was chilly and the onstage heater wasn't working. Oh babes. Thought you grew up in Manchester or summin'?

Watch a video of an announcement below:

Most of us own a sweater, and a coat, but I guess that's not Morrissey's concern. The stage is too cold? Hell, he's rich enough to just not do it (despite the fact that with all the lights up there, he'd probably warm up within about two songs). The tour will now move onto the Hollywood Bowl for two shows this coming weekend (10 and 11 November). Let's hope they've got their heating system on lock.

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