Is It Wrong to Be Attracted to This Giant Daikon Body Pillow?

So... thicc...
22 February 2018, 11:00am
All photos via PR Times

A daikon is a lovely radish: white, like the skin of a dove; grassy tops poking out of its head, like a particularly robust Chia Pet. It is iconically tubular and plump—so plump, in fact, that those bits of unfortunate human flesh Americans call “cankles” are referred to as “daikon legs” throughout some parts of Japan.

A daikon is undoubtedly thicc. A "daiccon," some wordsmiths might say. And now, I have good news.

I know what you’ve been longing for this whole time, and I’m here to tell you thatat long last, it’s arrived: You can now own your very own voluptuous daikon radish body pillow to snuggle up and fall asleep next to every night.

Well, would you look at that? Take a look at this sexy little stalk of daikon, limbs temptingly askance. It's posing suggestively, as if asking you to draw it like one of your French girls, and faceless, allowing you to project onto it your most craven private fantasies.

The pillow, launched within Japan by Japanese brand Felissimo on Tuesday, belongs to the company's tongue-in-cheek You+More line; it also includes such amusing items as a wearable fried shrimp sleeping bag. The pillow comes in two sizes, 26- and 45-inch, that sell for the US equivalent of $32.14 and $72.23, respectively.

It’s been inspired directly, as SoraNews24 reported on Wednesday, by the erotically charged images of daikon radishes that have consumed Japanese social media users in recent years. It's a trend so ferocious that it's even inspired some intrepid people to knit busty daikon radishes of their own.

All thicker than a bowl of oatmeal! We’re not all lucky enough to come across a sexy daikon on a supermarket stroll, as SoraNews24 notes. What better way to satisfy those carnal longings than to curl up next to a thicc daikon body pillow?

Felissimo did not respond to immediate request for comment regarding when the company plans to free this daikon pillow up for international shipping. Felissimo, if you’re reading this, please hurry. There are radish fetishists who are quivering with anticipation.