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Roam Is the Producer Bringing Dark UK Garage to Toronto on 'REMNANTS'

Evoking Burial, Roam's shadowy new album is for introspective nights alone or at the club.

by Phil Witmer
19 February 2018, 9:38am

Photo courtesy of artist

The many links between London and Toronto have been well-documented: the two cities share ballooning housing prices, the same Caribbean-derived slang, as well as a love for rowdy rap and robust indie rock. There's a third layer, deeply hidden, a mutual appreciation for offbeat dance music. It's this world that Roam, a member of the DSTRY collective that also includes Teddy Fantum and G Milla, taps into on his new album REMNANTS.

You could loosely classify the music here as similar to the murky, dark UK garage/dubstep fusion that Burial crafted on his classic works. Roam lets his drums skip and skitter around moaning, soulful vocal samples on opener "Ashes," and if the sub-bass on "Say It" were any lower it would be outside of human comprehension. But REMNANTS isn't derivative at all; a healthy dose of post-OVO hip-hop gives the album a distinctly emotional GTA character. Listen to how the kicks of the otherwise garage-y "Bitter" hit at erratic, enraged points, or how "Blame" lets melancholy piano cast a pallor of rainswept introspection on the song. If modern Toronto were a Serial Experiments Lain episode, this would be the soundtrack. Stream REMNANTS below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.

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