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Behold the Aesthetic Pleasures of the Weeknd's "Secrets" Video

Toronto has never looked this cool.
13 June 2017, 8:08am

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada.

A little-known fact about Toronto is that our libraries and other educational facilities look like doom fortresses. Sci-fi buff Abel Tesfaye likely noted this back when he was a Scarborough youth, which is why he probably chose to return to the Toronto Reference Library and University of Toronto's Scarborough campus (an objectively cool-looking set of buildings that have been used in both the Hannibal TV series and the Resident Evil films) to shoot the video for his new-wave mashup "Secrets."

Most of the video focuses on incredibly lovely, Inception_-ish, M.C. Escher shots of the Reference Library's interior while various mysterious rituals happen. It concludes with a shot of Tesfaye staring at a giant floating steel cross outside of the UofT campus, which either means that Denis Villeneuve of _Arrival fame ghost-directed this or that Jesus has finally recognised the Weeknd's music as flames. Watch the "Secrets" video above.

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