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Dub Meets Disco on Peaking Lights' Mind-Expanding New Single

"Coyote Ghost Melodies" is off the LA duo's upcoming double album 'The Fifth State of Consciousness.'

by Alexander Iadarola
14 June 2017, 8:59am

Photo courtesy of artists

Los Angeles duo Peaking Lights has shared an enchantingly tranquil new track from their forthcoming double album, The Fifth State of Consciousness.

"Coyote Ghost Melodies" is a hybrid of dub reggae, cosmic psychedelia, and sluggish disco that takes a more languid approach than the record's previously released singles. Singer Indra Dunis' vocals are alternately entranced and airily joyous, tying together the arpeggiated synth melodies and loping bassline into a neat, gut-rattling package.

The band's Aaron Coyes told THUMP about the track's genesis over email. "'Coyote Ghost Melodies' started off as a track for the never-ending dub record that is forever being worked on, but never done," he said. "Where we live there are a lot of coyotes. They are native to California and in a way protectors of the land and ecosystem—we often hear packs them loudly yapping at night, they sound like there is a party is going on. I guess this has nothing to do with what the song is actually about, but maybe in a metaphorical way it does. The song, in general, is about tapping in, and listening to that deeper knowledge of your self."

The Fifth State of Consciousness will be released June 16 on the duo's own Two Flowers Records, and is available for pre-order.

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