london fashion week 2020

Some of the Best Lewks We Saw at London Fashion Week 2020

Also, some fashionable dogs and cats.
18 February 2020, 12:13pm

Central London always looks a little more interesting during Fashion Week.

In among the Moss Bros sad-lads racing to and from Veggie Pret and the harried office workers trying to swerve grinning chuggers, you'll spot someone in a full cow print suit, or wearing a fur rug as a dress, or dressed like a cybergoth, but somehow in an expensive way. Some people – the kind who hate Love Island and pretend they don't know who Kylie Jenner is – probably hate this. But for the rest of us, it can brighten up what's otherwise a fairly drab landscape in mid-February.

Chris Bethell has spent the past few days wandering around taking photos of all that. Look, they're below.