Gorgon City

Todd Edwards, Kidnap Kid, and Gorgon City Spill the Beans On Their Guilty PleasureS

At this year's BPM Festival in Mexico we find out "Todd the God" is a secret Belieber and No Regular Play does the "Jitterbug."

by David Garber
05 February 2016, 10:17am

Remember when we found out that Holy Ghost fucks with Tori Amos and The Glitch Mob secretly mixes up the Spice Girls and Pat Benatar? Well, last month at The BPM Festival in Mexico, we gathered up our cameras and stormed the beach at Playa Del Carmen to ask some of the world's best house and techno DJs about the songs they like to brush their teeth to—or sneak sheepishly into their sets at peak-time. In this latest installment of Guilty Pleasures, we discovered that UK hotshot Kidnap Kid has an affinity for classic showtunes, and duo Gorgon City drops Toto in the club. We also got deep house dudes No Regular Play to recall an experience dropping a classic song your parents probably smooched to at their high-school dance. Todd Edwards even admits he's a reluctant Belieber. It's OK Todd, we feel the same way.