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Video: Techno-Punk Andrew Weatherall Is 50 And He's Way Cooler Than You

Travel into the deepest recesses of the Rotters Golf Club studio with the chain-smoking cult hero.

by THUMP Staff
04 December 2013, 4:00pm

Andrew Weatherall is everything you want from a crusty cult producer: bitingly funny, slightly off-kilter, and a touch misanthropic. He's the ultimate inspiration for those seeking longevity in electronic music, having held down a totally rad, weird career as a DJ and producer for over 25 years. His history spans from DJing the legendary UK acid house clubs of the 80s (Shoom, Trip, Spectrum) to remixing Primal Scream and New Order to his current project The Asphodells, where he and friend Timothy Fairplay meld techno, dub, and shoegaze to hypnotic effect.  

On September 2, The Asphodells will unleash the remixes of Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust album (which came out in February on Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club label). The record includes all manner of psychedelic and tripped-out versions from friends including Italian cosmic disco don Daniele Baldelli and French techno blackheart Ivan Smagghe. A few days after, book publisher Faber will issue a limited edition soundtrack and remix 10-inch the lone swordsman did to accompany Michael Smith's Unreal City. Yes, Weatherall does whatever the hell he wants... and he does a lot of it. 

While collectors go bat-shit trying to cop that vinyl, we got the rare chance to venture into the Rotters Golf Club studios—where Andy's been camping out for 15 years—to hear the boss opine on everything from the state of today's pop music ("Everyone seems a bit too grateful") to going cold turkey after years of chemical binges. Plus, we get to see him work on his lino-cuts and some samples of the punk-as-fuck visual art he's done over the years. Naturally, he does all of the above with his sandpaper-dry humour while chain-smoking cigarettes. It doesn't get cooler than this. 

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