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This Tuff City Kids Remix of Hardway Bros is About as Good as it Gets

Gerd Janson and Lauer have given UK veteran Sean Johnston one hell of a re-rub.

by Josh Baines
08 June 2016, 10:58am

Imagine a mate of yours trying to describe you to a mate of theirs that you don't know. What would they say? Think about it. Think about it properly. "Yeah, they're alright actually. I mean, they take a few pints to warm up, but you know, they're fundamentally alright." That's it. That's what they'd say, and while that's alright really, when you think about it, it's not as good as being described as, 'Reformed Techno Junkie, Edit Maestro, Travelling Disco Consultancy' like UK club culture veteran Sean Johnston is.

You'll probably know Johnston as one half of A Love From Outer Space, the slow motion project he runs with Andrew Weatherall. When he's not doling out the 110BPM chuggers, Johnston's in the studio making the kind of disco-tinged house that sounds best at either three in the morning in a windowless club or at half seven by the pool with a very strong cocktail.

Johnston's got a new EP out as Hardway Bros on Throne of Blood and it's a fucking doozy. The Pleasure Cry EP's a seriously solid slab of the kind of house they just don't build enough of these days, and we're absolutely delighted to be bringing you lucky readers an exclusive listen to the phenomenal Tuff City Kids remix of the title track. Expect to hear this one all summer long if you're going to any half decent night.

The Pleasure Cry EP drops on 10th of June via Throne of Blood

Hardway Bros are on SoundCloud