Holy Shit, You Can Now Experience that Zero Gravity DJ Set For Yourself

Enjoy the world's first zero gravity music festival from the comfort of a cramped commuter train.

21 November 2016, 10:38am

Those of you at whom who've not lost their minds as a result of the impending Trumpocalypse might remember that early last month THUMP UK were lucky enough to spend a few days in Las Vegas. While we weren't chinwagging with NASA scientists, or chowing down on burgers in the middle of the Mojave desert, we were taking part in the Desperados Bass Drop which was, you'll remember, the first music festival in history to take place in zero gravity.

I was lucky enough to join 120 people from all around the globe in one of four zero gravity flights, and it was one of the most unusual—and enjoyable—experiences of my life. My attempt to document it here on THUMP was, i think at least, a decent stab at capturing a sensation that only a miniscule percentage of the world's population have had the pleasure of feeling. Since that sunny Tuesday morning in October, I've spent countless nights in the same pubs trying to describe the trip to my friends in a way that does it justice, usually hitting a linguistic brick wall as pints and misunderstandings entwine. That's all about to change.

And that's changing because I can now show people the video above. Lovingly directed by Ralf Schermberg, the short clip features zero gravity DJ Mike Cervello explaining the project and its appeal, as well as a tonne of footage of dolled up revellers spinning around way up there in the clouds. It's nearly as good as being on the plane itself. Well, nearly.


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