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Expand Your Mind with this New Work by Radiohead Collaborator Tarik Barri

Ever wanted to explore the relationship between nanotechnology and art? Now you can!
27 March 2017, 11:50am

A few months back now THUMP was lucky enough to fly out to the city of Braga in northern Portugal for the 2016 instalment of Semibreve, one of Europe's leading experimental music events. Over the course of the weekend we stuffed ourselves silly with enough pork to last a lifetime, drank good cheap wine like fish, and submerged ourselves in a series of incredible and unforgettable audio-visual experiences.

One of the most visceral of these came in the form of Tarik Barri and Paul Jebanasam's Continuum, which we described as, "a genuinely cacaphonic, catastrophic thing of blackest ever black beauty," and as "the sight and sound of the world imploding in itself," which we'd like to think was high praise.

Barri, who has worked with Radiohead and Nicolas Jarr, recently found himself back in Braga, having been invited by gnration the Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory to take part in their Scale Travels series of artistic residencies. The resulting work is Matter of Perspectives, which sees Barri exploring the link between nanotechnology and art.

"I'm very thankful for the Scale Travels program for offering me an opportunity to learn in detail about INL's pioneering work," Barri told us. "I'm very much looking forward to expressing through algorithmic art the scientific beauty of the invisible microscopic universes they operate in. Universes with laws and structures which seem alien to our regular daily understanding of life, but which are simultaneously completely fundamental to who we are and all that surrounds us."

The installation itself is running in said space from now until late June, and if you find yourself in Braga during that time, we cannot recommend checking it out highly enough. Put the cheap pastries down for a second and gorge on something that'll fill your brain as much as your stomach.

Check out an interview with Barri himself above, and some tantalising images from the show below.

Matter of Perspectives an audiovisual installation by Tarik Barri runs at gnration, Braga, until late June.