Oh Snap

The British Dream: Mayday Mayday

In this week's politics podcast we talk to some pissed off shelf stackers and ask if election campaigning actually matters.

by Simon Childs
05 May 2017, 12:39pm

Dylan Martinez/PA Wire/PA Images

British politics is a of a nightmare to keep up with at the moment. Reading every think-piece or news story about how life is getting objectively worse would be enough to make your eyes fall out. That's why we created The British Dream, a podcast that pumps analysis of how everything is ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯ directly into your ears. Stay positive.

So far, this bizarro election campaign has seen Theresa May embarrassing herself and Jeremy Corbyn surprisingly looking vaguely like he actually wants to be there. Not that anybody seems to care. With the public apparently nonplussed about what either has to say, does any of their campaigning actually matter?

Meanwhile, in Brighton, angry workers have been taking to the streets to make their voices heard about crappy wages and unstable jobs; Theresa May made a scary speech about the EU; and UKIP have taken a shellacking at the local elections. Join us for another episode of "The British Dream" as we try to find some meaning in all of this.


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