This Artist Makes Heartbreaking Banners from Breakup Texts

Peyton Fulford's photo series airs out our dirty laundry.
01 March 2017, 10:18am

_ This article originally appeared on VICE US_.

What if there was a way to visualize catharsis? That's what artist Peyton Fulford has done in her university town of Columbus, Georgia by turning breakup texts and notes on heartbreak into paper banners. Individual letters, cut from 8" x 11" card stock, are strung together and photographed. In this way, Fulford delivers closure to those seeking confirmation that their feelings are real with the ultimate validation: art.

Fulford's series Abandoned Love began as a school project in 2015 and has been recently revived—albeit with some changes. Her public call for "brief phrases from your diary, text messages, etc. that are related to themes of love and melancholy/heartbreak" generated submissions from over 30 different countries, even while the project was inactive. The artist says she was inspired by Learning to Love You More by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher, as well as London artist Klaudija Visockyte's Please Don't Leave Me. The hardest submissions to receive were from unused suicide notes, says Fulford.