Adult Swim's Creepy New Short Is the 'Too Many Cooks' of Surveillance

Naturally, 'This House Has People in It' is even darker, weirder, and more unexpected.

by Beckett Mufson
15 March 2016, 8:30pm

Just when "Too Many Cooks," finally stopped getting stuck in your head, Adult Swim releases the next esoteric, primal, frightening, captivating internet video we're fated to be obssessed with, This House Has People in It (above). It's weird and somehow even more depressing than the sitcom-turned-bloodbath that set the internet aflame quite literally yesteryear.

Directed by Adult Swim regular Alan Resnick, a member of Baltimore-based artist collective, Wham City (read about Wham City in our article "Here's Why It's Great to Join a Creative Collective"), the film captures a birthday party gone awry when teenage daughter Madison won't stop lying facedown on the ground. Hint: The whole 12-minute film is captured through the lens of AB Surveillance Solutions' cameras positioned throughout the house. Here, Resnick's past work lampooning infomercials and corporate culture comes in handy, as the website is exactly how you'd imagine sketchy security company to look—besides the unwarranted armada of surveillance camera clip art.

We won't spoil any of what happens once you start digging around the site, but if your investigation is underway, please send us your findings here.

This House Has People In It airs tonight on Adult Swim at 4 AM. See Alan Resnick's previous work on his website, and check out more Adult Swim antics below.


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