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This Awesome Claymation Throwback Was Made From A Compilation Of Vines

Andy Martin's "Plasticine Rhythm" is a vibrant, looping stop-motion musical.
29 July 2014, 3:30pm

Animator Andy Martin's stop-motion short Plasticine Rhythm looks like a PES or Svankmajer claymation throwback, but the two-minute film was made through a giant compilation of Vines. Over the course of six months, Martin experimented with the video app, eventually inspiring him to think about loops and looping in regards to both sound and image. The final stop motion is, in essence, a series of sensory loops tied together to make one film.

In Plasticine Rhythm, we see a series of retro TVs that display dancing, wiggling shapes and creatures. The cartoonish characters, as well as the TVs and set background, morph and change colors in time with a playful soundtrack comprised of bleeps and bloops. Every action corresponds with an electronic sound.

Martin elaborated on the audio-visual connection in his project description:

I have always been interested in the way visuals can effect sound and how visual loops can be brought together to create a piece of music. This is how I produced Plasticine Rhythm; allowing each stop motion loop, made using Vine, to dictate a sound and combining these sound loops on screen to build a compatible interplay of rhythm and melody. Once this was established I then played with all the elements, including the background colour and the mini TVs containing the loops, so every element was intrinsically linked with the music.

The vibrant video is seemingly simple, but we can only imagine how many botched Vines Martin has stored up on his phone. He shared a compilation of some tests, but we're sure there were countless others. Watch the video above, and check out a "Behind the Plasticine Rhythm" featurette here, as well as an EP including all the songs from the project.

For more of Martin's awesome work, head over to his website here.


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