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Lil Skies Shines a Light on His Darkest Clouds

In this episode of Noisey Raps, we hit the road with the 19-year-old rapper to learn what's behind the meteoric rise that has taken him from internet sensation to major label signee.
16 May 2018, 8:11am

The rapper Lil Skies – born Kimetrius Foose – may be young, but he has no time for kid stuff. The 19-year-old is busy leading a new wave of artists taking the step from underground internet heroes to major label recording artists. In just the last year, he's charted two singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and signed a massive deal with Atlantic. "I do too much shit in my life that a man does," he says. "I'm just not no kid... I was always consistent with everything: school, sports, music, everything. I made sure. That's how I am. I want the fans to know, when they watch this shit, they see this shit, they see the dedication, and they wanna chase that shit too."

In this episode of Noisey Raps, the artist, who hails from rural Waynesboro, Pennsylvania addresses his struggles with depression, goals for his burgeoning career, and how his dad motivates him. Though his rise has happened quickly, Lil Skies is already on his way to superstardom.

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