Haim's Dancing Is Awkward But Endearing in "Want You Back"

It's the first visual off their upcoming album 'Something to Tell You'.

22 June 2017, 2:20pm

Hang your hair extensions at full mast and wear your best distressed vintage denim jeans today, because Haim are all the way back, with a music video for "Want You Back" to prove it. We've heard a little from the band over the past month or so – a live studio recording here, a new track there – but this new clip feels like it's announcing them properly. It's like they never left!

Learning into their whole awkward-but-in-possession-of-hair-that-I-would-punch-a-child-for thing, the sisters dance kind of terribly but ultimately very endearingly to "Want You Back", which is the lead single from their second album "Something to Tell You" (due Friday 7 July). They're surrounded by some very typically-Haim palm trees, wearing some very typically-Haim outfits, and it's so good-natured that if you're stuck behind a desk today, it'll probably go a way to cheering you up. You can watch it above.

Finally I would just like to ask: when is the Haim clothing line coming out and where can I cop? Please send answers, my wardrobe is crying out.

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