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Beyoncé's Stupid Birthday Cake Cost More Than Your Rent

At least half of it is definitely going in the bin. No one eats that much.

by Lauren O'Neill
07 September 2017, 10:32am

Foto via Cake Life Bake Shop Instagram

Birthday cake always ends up getting thrown in the bin doesn't it? Regardless of how much it cost, how pretty it was, a good 50% of it is just getting unceremoniously binned. That's just the depressing journey of every cake. Once a thing to enjoy, then nothing more than a sad piece of eggy trash and a reminder of better days to have gone by, a cling-filmed and dried out memory.

So with this in mind, please parse this next fact: it was Beyoncé's birthday on Monday and Jay-Z bought her a cake that cost at least two-and-a-half grand. The cake in question was from Philadelphia's Cake Life Bake Shop, and was gifted to Bey during Jay-Z's Made In America festival over the weekend. The bakers recently told Page Six that their bespoke cakes begin at $3,500 (~£2,700), but "go up in price depending on detail, complexity, and size."

Here is the cake, work of art, crumb sculpture:

As you can see, it's very beautifully decorated with a crown similar to the one Beyoncé wore during her iconic 2017 Grammys performance and what may well be actual gold leaf. There are no reports on what flavour the cake was (or indeed whether it followed Beyoncé's vegan diet), but what we do know for definite is this: it cost more than your rent for a number of months, and in a few days a good half of it is going right in the fucking bin, because it's a birthday cake, and that's just what happens to them.

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