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Dad Makes Daughter Cry When He Refuses to Let Her See Slayer

As if Cinderella or Mickey Mouse could compete with the band's final tour.

by Noisey Staff; translated by Meredith Balkus
15 March 2018, 9:11am

A version of this article originally appeared on Noisey Germany.

Slayer will make blood rain from the sky for one last time this summer. Through a surprising video message back in late January, the thrash metal legends announced that they’d be saying goodbye after their final and forthcoming world tour – something that upsets us so deeply that we’ve found ourselves humming “Angel of Death” in mourning. But at least we’re not alone in our grief, as demonstrated by "Hugh Jaynus," a dad from upstate New York (whose sense of humour apparently knows no bounds). When his four-year-old daughter says, from her place in the backseat of his car, that all she wants is to go see Slayer, he can only reply, “You can’t go see Slayer, baby. You’re too little.”

The girl takes a minute to process this information and buries her face in her bandana as her father asks if she's mad at him. When it finally sets in that she won’t get to see Slayer’s last tour and that the band will never be in her life, she does what anyone would do in this situation: sob loudly. Jaynus, stunned and laughing, tries to explain that Slayer isn’t for kids and suggests that they could go see Cinderella or Mickey Mouse instead. As if she were thinking “Fuck Cinderella!”, his daughter starts to cry even harder.

In the description for the video on Facebook, Jaynus explained that his daughter isn’t as big of a Slayer fan as he is, but that she only likes the band because he listens to them while she’s with him at work. Which somehow makes the whole thing more heartbreaking. Are children really not allowed to attend a metal show? Couldn’t he just slap on some earmuffs to protect her head and enjoy the concert from a secure area, away from the ruckus of the moshpit? We think the first and last Slayer concert would the ultimate father-daughter bonding moment, but it's your call, dad.

This article originally appeared on Noisey DE.