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Oh No, a Second Donald Trump Is Spawning Inside This Dog's Ear

Once you see it, you can never unsee it.

by River Donaghey
07 November 2017, 6:09pm

Ear image via Jade Robinson. Trump photo via JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

A pet owner over in the UK was checking out a cyst inside her dog's ear when she realized something both incredible and supremely gross: The growth looked exactly like Donald Trump.

It took a little while for the dog's owner, Jade Robinson, to realize the full extent of what was happening inside her two-year-old beagle Chief's ear. She initially snapped a photo of the cyst to show the vet, the BBC reports. But when Robinson showed the photo to a friend, the cyst's Trumpian appearance became clear. And once you see it, you can never unsee it.

"I swear I looked and zoomed in and out at this photo over 20 times and never saw Donald Trump," Robinson said. "It was my eagle-eyed friend who pointed it out."

It's all there: the quaffed hair, the squinted eyes, the puckered and princely Trump lips—growing from the inside of a dog's ear like a Cronenberg horror. It's Trump's profile in fleshy bas-relief, as he might look on a coin, should America reach the point of putting him on currency.

Robinson is now raising money to help fund her dog's ear treatment, since no pooch should have to suffer through a cyst or a small replica of Trump spawning from its ear canal or whatever. Dogs, like humans, can get ear infections pretty easily, and Robinson believes that Chief may have developed the cyst after dragging his long ears through the dirt "sniffing for lovely smells." Her JustGiving page has already raised £355 of her £450 ($591) target.

Hopefully a vet can get to the bottom of whether the whole thing is just another example of pareidolia or if another Trump is budding from inside the dog like some kind of intergalactic parasite. Draw your own conclusions.

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