Canavan's Pool Club in Peckham Is Under Threat from Luxury Flats

Here we go again.

by Tom Usher
10 December 2015, 1:42pm

Photo by Jake Lewis

Like an eternally thirsty bloke in a bar who can't seem to understand why his brash approaches are constantly rebuffed, property sharks are gunning for a Peckham night-spot once again.

It's been reported that developers are putting forward plans to build some "high-quality" apartments at 190 Rye Lane, right next to Canavan's Late Night Pool Club, home of the popular Rhythm Section nights. This comes straight off the back of the cancellation of plans to build expensive flats near the Bussey Building, scrapped because of public outrage that another classic venue would be swept away in the tsunami of gentrification engulfing the capital.

2Gee Developments are looking to build two blocks in Christmas Yard that will house 22 apartments, of which only five will be affordable.

According to a petition against the plans, a courtyard will be placed adjacent to the Peckham Pool Club, with some bedroom windows facing directly onto the dance-floor area. It wouldn't be the apartments themselves that would kill Canavan's, but the inevitable noise complaints would be pretty likely to prompt its closure in due course.

According to the planning application by 2Gee Developments: "T he majority of units are positioned centrally within the site, away from the noise and traffic of Rye Lane and with views into the new communal gardens." That sounds absolutely lovely and, according to the architect, will also "mitigate any noise issues". But club owner Ciaran Canavan said: "While we work very closely with neighbours to minimise noise levels, this ill considered development would make collaboration impossible. Both the venue and Peckham Vision have made repeated efforts to consult developers to work out possible acoustic solutions [that] have been ignored up to this point."

It seems that even after the small victory in keeping the Bussey Building alive, Peckham is still the target of developers who won't stop until it looks like everywhere in Zone 1. If you don't want to see it go that way, you can sign a petition here to try and save it. You never know; an online petition saved the Bussey, maybe it can save Canavan's too.


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