Albert Elm Is Like Photography's Edward Scissorhands

He's a shy guy, but his talent helps him make friends.

Dec 19 2012, 8:00am

When I was about 13 years old my family had to relocate from one part of Denmark to the other, because my dad got a new job. I was really happy for him but I was also pretty bad at making new friends, and that sort of sucked.

Fortunately, a few years before that, my cousin had gotten me into photography by loaning me his Canon SLR and urging me to take pictures at family gatherings. With no friends and plenty of time, I began taking more and more pictures until the camera felt like a part of me.

To this day I still feel restless often and somehow photography is the only thing that makes my restlessness make sense. It is also an excuse to explore places I wouldn't normally visit and meet people I wouldn't normally have met. Sometimes I even make friends!

Albert Elm is a Danish Artist currently living, studying and working on compiling his photographs into a book, in Glasgow.

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