The Harsh Lessons You Learn Flat-Hunting in Your Late Twenties

Hello, to loss, denial, grief and crucially: realising you’re old, and looking for a new place on your own.
Hannah Ewens
3 days ago
mental health

Every Single Crisis You’ll Have in Your Twenties

That's right, all nine years of existential terror.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens
The 50 Best British TV Shows Since 2000

The Inside Story of 'Peep Show', According to Gerard, Big Suze and Elena

We spoke to the actors behind the infamous characters about their memories of the show and its enduring cultural relevance.
Hannah Ewens

The Girlboss Has Evolved into an Even More Powerful Form

Why, under an ironic scoff, women like me are still in love with this update of the 80s 'have-it-all' lie.
Hannah Ewens
Women's Healthcare

We’re Finally Starting to Take Women’s Hormones Seriously

A new wave of books about women's bodies looks set to turn 'that time of the month' from a punchline to properly understood reality.
Hannah Ewens

The Style Tribes of Glastonbury 2019 Came Out in Force

From bucket hats to healer chic to Dads at Large: your guide to the subcultures of the UK's biggest festival.
Lauren O'Neill
Emma Garland
Hannah Ewens

Every Type of Person Who Watches Your Instagram Stories

We all post IG stories with an ulterior motive. Here are all the people that get caught in your sneaky little web.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens

Miley's 'Black Mirror' Episode Is Not That Bad, Come On

Sure, some critics have panned its ending. But season 5's "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" tells a specific, engaging story about fandom.
Hannah Ewens

A Brief History of the Hun, the Most Relatable Woman in Britain

How the ladette birthed a new sub-set of woman, armed with memes, tropes and a gentle kiss at the end of every message.
Hannah Ewens
internet culture

Your Unborn Kids Are Going to Be Known as Generation Alpha

We hear from parents and marketers about the children of millennials, born from about 2011 and swiping touchscreens before they can read.
Hannah Ewens

We Are Living in the Post-Horny Era

These days, sex and love are nothing more than productivity handicaps.
Hannah Ewens

Just a Few of the Lies Women Have Been Sold

From: you read too much into everything, to: you're definitely getting abducted at some point.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Hannah Ewens
Daisy Jones