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Aaron Gordon is a senior writer for Motherboard.

post office

US Post Office Delivery Trucks Keep Catching on Fire

Hundreds of the iconic Post Office delivery trucks have caught on fire in recent years, thanks to a 30-year-old fleet and a manufactured budget crisis.
Aaron Gordon

How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Literal Garbage

JUMP wanted to create a better, more bike-friendly world. Former employees told Motherboard how getting acquired by Uber led to JUMP bikes being destroyed by the thousands.
Aaron Gordon
Mass Destruction

'A Shameful Nightmare': Truckloads of Perfectly Good JUMP Bikes Are Being Shredded

The photos and videos of the JUMP bike heaps posted to social media sites have disappointed former JUMP employees, bike and scooter advocates, and people who don't like to see useless waste.
Aaron Gordon

The Fight for Greener Neighbourhoods Is a Matter of Life or Death

Everybody loves parks, but coronavirus has shown us they’re more than just neighbourhood amenities. They’re necessities.
Aaron Gordon
Silicon Valley

Everything Is Innovative When You Ignore the Past

As it invents the future, Silicon Valley has never cared much about the past. Maybe it’s afraid of what it might find.
Aaron Gordon

Don't Let Coronavirus Scare You Away From Public Transit

People think public transportation is a much bigger cause of pandemics spreading than it actually is.
Aaron Gordon
Big Ass Cars

Electric or Not, Big SUVs Are Inherently Selfish

A battery-powered Hummer may be better for the environment, but it reinforces the culture of waste and excess that got us into this environmental mess in the first place.
Aaron Gordon

The Greatest Minds of My Generation Made This Machine That Makes Gross Pizza

It can make a lot of pizza, but why?
Aaron Gordon

How Gymnastics Is Trying To Take Over Parkour And Make It An Olympic Sport

This fight isn't merely about parkour. It's about who controls the new youth-centric sports that are the Olympics' future.
Aaron Gordon

Meet @Crap90sFootball, The Only Twitter Account This World Needs

You will laugh, you will cry (from laughter), and you will remember to love the beautiful game because you're laughing so bloody hard.
Aaron Gordon

David Beckham's Miami Stadium Gets First Public Approval

The Miami-Dade County Commissioners approved his newest stadium plan, but the city still needs to sign it off.
Aaron Gordon

Retroactive Bans Won't Stop Diving in Football

Under a new rule, diving that results in a penalty or red card will be punished with a two-match retroactive ban. But the benefits of simulation still outweigh the costs.
Aaron Gordon