Alexander McBride Wilson

Eurovision 2019

Turns Out Eurovision Has a Whole New Generation of Fans

We spoke to some Gen Z Eurovision stans about their unlikely love of the competition.
Nick Levine
the body

Fat Blokes Talk About Living Life as Fat Blokes

The cast of the new "sort of dance" show, 'Fat Blokes', spoke to us about their experiences.
Michael Segalov
Far right

How Tommy Robinson Is Manipulating His Disciples

The former EDL leader is using his legal saga to further his cult of personality.
Simon Childs
love island 2k18

Searching for Meaning at 'Love Island: Live'

Birth, death, 'Love Island': say it with me.
Lauren O'Neill

The Travellers Who Live Under One of London's Busiest Roads

Photographer Alex McBride spent some time with the Traveller community that lives under the Westway, a stone's throw from Westfield.
Alexander McBride Wilson

I Spent a Year Living With 'Non-Offending' Paedophiles

This online community call themselves "Virtuous Paedophiles" because most of them claim to have never sexually engaged with a minor. They also claim that they never intend to.
Alexander McBride Wilson

This Is What the Beginning of Gentrification Looks Like

Meeting the residents of the Notting Hill estate earmarked for destruction.
Alexander McBride Wilson

Probably the Most Beautiful Photos You’ll Ever See of People Gurning

Alexander McBride Wilson went to the Egremont Crab Fair to take before-and-after photos of all the competitive gurners.
Alexander McBride Wilson

We Spoke to the Activists Behind the Byron Burger Insect Protest

We tracked down the group who helped briefly shut down two Byron restaurants on Friday, in protest against the burger chain helping the Home Office deport illegal non-EU workers.
Alexander McBride Wilson