Alfred Maddox

Junior Editor, VICE/Noisey DK
The Music Issue 2017

Raw, Filthy Pictures of Copenhagen's Most Iconic Bars and Venues

Have a piss and let the history seep in. Just don't bring a blacklight.
Alfred Maddox
Investigative Journalism

It's Actually Pretty Easy to 'Hack' the Digital Music Industry

We made a terrible song then bought Spotify streams for it as proof.
Lasse Cato
Alfred Maddox

The Science Behind Why You Keep Smashing Replay on That One Song

I have a legitimate problem with repeat listens, so I called a music professor and brain scientist for answers.
Alfred Maddox
Social Media

My Dad Took Control of My Facebook for a Week

Apart from losing the respect of pretty much everyone I know, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
Alfred Maddox

Grand Prix’s New Video for “Recover (In Silence)” is a Synthy Safari Through Time

The Danish synth pop devotee further explores his fascination with megalomania in anticipation for his new EP 'The Hour of Victory', set to drop this November.
Alfred Maddox
Holy Shit

Tommy Cash Drops Extremely Disturbing Video, Continues Reign as Dopest Estonian on Earth

Cash is back to satisfy twisted needs you didn't know you had with new single "Winaloto", complete with grotesque naked bodies and hot Siamese twins.
Alfred Maddox

Ever Seen a Statue Kickbox to Dubstep? Now You Can, in Den Sorte Skole's New "Lowmax" Vid

The Copenhagen mix-masters Frankenstein a sculpture to life with 3D graphics and dubstep in this surreal tango between the ancient and the ultra-modern.
Alfred Maddox

Danish Power Pop Trio Molly’s New Video is a Testament to Not Giving A Damn

Their Vitamin D-filled new single “Sunshine Seems Important” sees your life’s problems and raises you zero fucks.
Alfred Maddox