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The Subreddit Where You Can Get Paid for Ordering Pizza

On the questionably titled r/SlaveLabour, a guy made £30 in a week by texting people about hippos, while one woman now earns over £50,000 a year.
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Caroline Calloway and the Gossip Sites Built to Bitch About Influencers

Sites like Reddit's Blogsnark are full of "anti-fans", who know all there is to know about their chosen influencer – and don't like any of it one bit.
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On Reddit's 'Am I the Asshole?' This Is Who Decides If You're the Asshole

We surveyed 15,000 of the subreddit's users, to find out who exactly is deciding what's right and what's wrong.
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The 'Selfie Factory' Is Not the End of the World

For £19.99, you can spend an entire day taking photos of yourself in front of pink elephants, sunflower walls and neon ball pits.
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VICE Does 'Love Island'

'Love Island: The Experience' Was as Far from God as You Can Get

That said, I did learn an interesting fact about the filming of the villa "party" scenes.
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TikTok Has Created a Whole New Class of Influencer

While the app's stars might have millions of fans, they're not making nearly as much money as their contemporaries on YouTube.
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The Full Story of the Legendary Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich

Why did only one photo go viral? Was that really the only food available? For the two-year anniversary of the spectacularly disastrous event, we did a deep dive to answer those questions.
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The Secret Trail of Money Behind Those Instagram Porn Bots

You've probably got used to ignoring them, but this is what happens if you click and keep on clicking.
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Home Coming

Home Coming: Richmond, North Yorkshire

An intimate tour of a writer's home town, one catastrophic facial injury at a time.
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The Real Reasons Kids Want to Become YouTubers

With the huge success of a new vlogging video game, 'Youtubers Life OMG!', we spoke to children and their parents about seemingly every kid's dream career.
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I Opened the Most Ridiculous Advent Calendars On the Market

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: a "penis extender" with textured ribs, 24 shots of tequila and a kit to "pimp my prosecco".
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International Days

The Reason We Have All Those Bizarre 'International' Days

Brandied Fruit Day, Sausage Pizza Day, International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – here's why you see these dumb celebrations trending on Twitter.
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