Amelia Abraham

Privacy and Perception Issue

The Affirming – But Bittersweet – Experience of Watching YouTube Coming-Out Videos

I expected the clips from LGBTQ vloggers to be too earnest and saccharine, but I fell down the wormhole anyway.
Amelia Abraham

A Beginner's Guide to Launching Your First Short Film

The filmmakers and judges behind Thunderdance Film Festival lend aspiring directors some wisdom on how to get your indie film seen.
Amelia Abraham

My Time Reporting from the Most Dangerous City in the World

Spanish-born reporter Alberto Arce has a job known locally as "red journalism", after all the blood.
Amelia Abraham
LGBT Spaces

East London’s Most-Loved Gay Bar Has Been Saved From Developers

For the first time in British history, the sexuality of people using a space had been included in a condition for planning approval.
Amelia Abraham
BFI London Film Festival 2017

What Happens If You're Out Online But Closeted in Public?

Eliza Hittman’s second film, 'Beach Rats', is a fresh look at the gay coming-of-age story that resists just about every cliche imaginable.
Amelia Abraham

Why Britain Doesn't Get Gender Neutrality

We've been a world leader on LGBT equality, but we're falling behind when it comes to recognising the gender spectrum.
Amelia Abraham

Artists, AIDS, and Downtown New York

Resurrecting the photos of Peter Hujar.
Amelia Abraham
social justice

Now Is Not The Time To Give Up On Political Correctness

A week in which real transphobia, sexism and antisemitism were in the headlines should come as a warning to those who think identity politics is student folly
Amelia Abraham

Squats, Sex Clubs and Punk: The Lesbian London of the 1980s

We spoke to filmmaker Siobhan Fahey about her life back then, living and partying with a gang of lesbian-separatist punk anarchists.
Amelia Abraham

What Goes Through Your Mind When You're Caught Cheating

From sex-club orgies to office flirtations, we hear from five philanderers who have been caught in the act by their partners.
Amelia Abraham
Oh Snap

Is There Such a Thing as an 'LGBT Vote' in 2017?

LGBT people make up a large chunk of voters, but increasingly LGBT issues matter less to them.
Amelia Abraham
Ink Spots

'Interloper' Is a Magazine About The Lies the Media Tells

A magazine which is in itself a lie.
Amelia Abraham