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Dodgy Stuff

VICE EXCLUSIVE: Thames Water Tried to Blame Wastage on Cannabis Farms

VICE can exclusively reveal that the water firm recently attempted to obtain the addresses of every known cannabis farm in London.
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We Analysed Today's New Drug Use Stats So You Don't Have to

The big take-away: drug use is on the up among young people, countering the government's argument against decriminalisation.
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Safe Sesh

Inside the One UK Lab Testing What's Really in Your Drugs

WEDINOS, in Cardiff, is the only place you can send your drugs to be tested. We went to see what they've found in the country's MDMA, LSD and cocaine.
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Revealed: The London Boroughs That Grow the Most Weed

An FOI has shown which areas are responsible for producing most of the capital's green.
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How Ketamine Could Help You Curb Your Problem Drinking

We spoke to the team behind some groundbreaking new research.
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The Restless Youth Issue

A Conservative Activist Reconciles His Many Identities

"There is something deeply unsettling about the idea that leftists just assume you subscribe to a set of preconceived notions based wholly on religion or the color of your skin."
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The They Come Out at Night Issue

We Spent 90 Minutes at 1,500 Feet with Artist J Henry Fair

Fair has made it his life's work to photograph industrial pollution from the air.
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I Did Experimental Laughing Gas Therapy to Help Me Get Over the 'Irreversible' Rape Scene

A neuroscientist at UCL is studying whether or not NOS can help people forget distressing events, so I volunteered to be one of his guinea pigs.
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The Crown and Spectre Issue

Britain's Forgotten Prisoners

The toxic legacy of the IPP is being exacerbated by budget cuts, leaving thousands of UK prisoners in limbo.
Ben Bryant

A Drug-by-Drug Guide to a Rational UK Drugs Policy

This is how you'd be taking drugs if the law had anything to do with how harmful they actually are.
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Say Hello to Palestine's First Ever Skatepark

The British charity SkatePal just put the finishing touches on a concrete park in Zababdeh.
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From Postcode Wars to Peacemaker

Robyn Travis, former member of E8's Holly Street Boys gang, remembers when all the fighting started.
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