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This Council Just Sacked Thousands of Key Workers and Rehired Them on Less Favourable Contracts

Social workers, housing support staff and children's services workers in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets will receive cuts to travel allowances and severance pay.
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4 days ago

Cleaners Win Pay Rise and PPE Following VICE News Investigation

Cleaners at a south London academy won a victory after VICE News revealed that a manager suggested she would only provide PPE if workers ditched their trade union.
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Students Project Video Onto Bank of England to Protest Bailout of Polluters

Among the 55 companies to have accessed £18.8 billion in BoE support are airlines, car manufacturers and fossil fuel companies.
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hostile environment

Allegations of Awful Conditions at Refugee Hotel Where Six People Were Attacked

Management at Mears Housing said all was well in the Glasgow hotels housing asylum seekers during the coronavirus pandemic. A day later, six people had been hospitalised in a knife attack.
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Cleaning Company Suggests It May Only Provide PPE If Workers Ditch Union

Organisers have called Ridge Crest Cleaning’s alleged refusal to provide cleaners with face masks unless they disaffiliate from their trade union "blatant union busting".
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Black Lives Matter

UK Government Accused of Threatening to Criminalise Black Lives Matter Protests

Its plans to "fast-track" sentencing for protesters has been called "intimidation" and "a racialised decision" by campaigners.
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Police Have Been Accused of Unlawful Tactics at London's BLM Protests

London's police force took a heavy handed approach and allegedly gathered data in an unlawful way.
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All the Weird Stuff We've Heard People Say in Self-Isolation

It's only the first week of the lockdown and things are starting to get weird.
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Overheard at the Brexit Party's Big Brexit Party

"This must be what Glastonbury feels like."
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Home Coming

Home Coming: Sheppey Island and the Great British Caravan Park

An intimate tour of one writer's home town, one excruciating memory at a time.
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General Election 2019

The Tories Won This Key Marginal With 31 Votes. Can Students Stop Them Now?

Southampton Itchen went to the Conservatives in 2017 thanks to a handful of votes. Labour are hoping to change that.
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'Occupy Parliament!' – Protests Last Night Showed Democracy in Action

Among the demonstrators invited to speak to the crowd of thousands, one – a man who gave his name as "citizen" – said, "This is about so much more than Brexit. If it comes to it, we will occupy Parliament."
Ben Charlie Smoke