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Drag Me to Hell

Does UK Drag Have a Misogyny Problem?

With 'Drag Race UK' and 'Drag Lab' set to hit primetime TV this year, it's worth looking at how prejudices fostered by mainstream representations of drag can trickle down into day-to-day scenes.
Ben Charlie Smoke

My Trial as One of the Stansted 15 Taught Me a Sad Lesson About the UK Justice System

Sitting on the runway, wearing an adult nappy, I could never have predicted that things would turn out as they have.
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oral histories

An Oral History of Dalston Superstore

The east London LGBTQ institution is celebrating its tenth anniversary, so we asked some of the people who know it best to tell its story.
Ben Charlie Smoke

The Messy Heart of East London Drag Still Beats in Sink The Pink

Over 11 years Sink The Pink grew from a small club night into one of the UK's biggest LGBTQ+ events – but what does this mean for its formative community?
Ben Charlie Smoke

The Full Story Behind That Letter Telling a Person with Mental Health Issues They're 'Resilient' Enough to Be Homeless

We called Torbay Council to ask for an explanation.
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The Do's and Dont's of Golden Showers

Yesterday, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro asked Twitter what golden showers are. Here, Jair, is a beginner's guide.
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we saw this

Troye Sivan’s Live London Show Made Me Feel Seen

Queer people are so unused to our stories being told by us, and for us, that when it actually happens, it tends to come as a shock.
Ben Charlie Smoke

The Radical Art of Lip Sync

Straight people are into drag now, which is cool. But let's not forget that, for queer people, lip syncing goes way beyond entertainment.
Ben Charlie Smoke

Leavers and Remainers Told Us How They Feel About May's Failed Deal

I shook Anna Soubry's hand earlier and said, "Anna, it's very bad that you have been harassed by hooligans, but let's crack on and get Brexit sorted."
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mental health

Students Hanged Dummies Off Westminster Bridge to Highlight the UK's Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

All 20 of the students involved had either attempted or considered suicide before the age of 18.
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remembrance day

The Things We Forget to Remember on Armistice Day

On the centenary of World War I, the digital project 'Cause and Effect' is telling the stories that have been overlooked to suit Britain's narrative of red poppy patriotism.
Ben Charlie Smoke

How Music and Memory Work Together When You’re Processing Trauma

A song can transport our minds back in time – but there may be ways to unlearn the pain we associate with a piece of music, too.
Ben Charlie Smoke