Briony Wright

thump photos

Photos From Rose Quartz, The World's Wettest and Most Remote Festival

This is what raving at the end of the earth looks like.
Briony Wright
The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

The Psychedelic Recluse

Now over 60 and recently retired, Vernon Treweeke, who's been referred to as Australia's reclusive godfather of psychedelic art, is ready to start the next phase of his career.
Briony Wright
The Fashion Issue 2010

Let’s Get Animal

In 2008, our favourite drag king performers, The Kingpins, launched their label Birthday Suit. Their first collection was called Azaria Lives and was all about what would've happened if dingos hadn't eaten Lindy Chamberlain's baby daughter.
Briony Wright
The Goat Demon Issue

Parliamentary Exorcism

We saw photos of a bloodstained pillar overlooking Parliament House in Australia’s capital city and heard associated rumours of satanic rituals and animal sacrifices being performed by members of a large Wiccan population.
Briony Wright
A Film Issue

Motion From Across The Ocean

Len Lye’s fascination with movement and experiments with film and celluloid were like nothing that had ever been seen before the 1900s and it’s a little known fact that he produced the first ever music video.
Briony Wright
Moments Like this Never Last

Hung Like A Gastropod

According to Martin, who is based out of the Australian Museum in Sydney, cameras aren’t able to capture the anatomical detail he finds in his microscope.
Briony Wright
The No Photos Issue

Rowan Tedge Has Ample Time On The Train Every Day To Be Creative

Vice: Your style is quite distinctive, how would you describe it?
Briony Wright
The No Photos Issue

Dylan Martorell Made An Instrument Out Of Chopsticks And Potatoes

Vice: Here in Australia, people are most familiar with your intricate line drawings.
Briony Wright
The Fashion Issue 2008

What The Hell Happened

Rennie Ellis was an extraordinary photographer who took pictures from the centre of the scenes he was a part of for almost four decades.
Briony Wright
The Gangs Issue

Flying Solo

Until not so long ago, Ariel Pink spent the better part of eight years sitting in his LA room, recording all kinds of variations on his amazing, vaguely melancholy, fuzzed up, lo-fi melodies that sound like they're from the future but are somehow being...
Briony Wright
The Horror Issue

Living Nightmare

The great thing about horror films is that even while you're shitting your pants, you know deep down that everything is going to be ok-in and outside the film. This is not the case with Paradise Lost, the Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky doco...
Briony Wright
The Design Issue 2004

Big Deal

For centuries man has designed and built wondrous, awe inspiring monuments which cast shadows over mediocrity.
Briony Wright