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Uyghur Cuisine

Meet the Former Teenage Asylum Seeker Bringing Uyghur Cuisine to The Hague

Uyghurs, a Turkic group with populations in Central Asia, have long endured ethnic discrimination in China. Nigaray escaped this as a 15-year-old, fleeing to the Dutch city and eventually opening an Uyghur restaurant there.
Charles Parkinson
South Africa

How This South African Dairy Is Fighting Gender-Based Violence

Orange Grove Dairy in the South African town of Dundee donates surplus dairy goods to the local women’s centre, helping it to provide meals for up to 700 people four times per week.
Charles Parkinson

How Tiny Edible Gardens Are Helping This African Kingdom's Battle with HIV

Dotted around rural Lesotho, where almost a quarter of adults live with HIV or AIDs, are small plots of fertile soil for growing vitamin-rich vegetables. “A nutritional diet is especially important for people living with HIV, as their body needs to...
Charles Parkinson

Britain Spends £166 Million a Year Spraying This Delicious ‘Weed’ with Herbicide

“It is basically rhubarb,” says forager Ross Evans of Japanese knotweed, the “weed” Britain spends £166 million every year attempting to eradicate. “The young shoots are also great, almost similar to bamboo shoots.”
Charles Parkinson
borrowed tradition

Native American Names in British Sport: Borrowed Tradition or Imported Racism?

The appropriation of Native American culture is nothing new to British sport; in fact, it has been around for decades. Is it now time for that to change for good?
Charles Parkinson