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Revealed: Lip Fillers Are Being Offered to Children in the UK

Ninety percent of practitioners in London and Essex aren’t asking children their age before booking them in for lip fillers – and none required a child’s ID for a consultation.
Hannah Ewens
climate protest

The Families Out in Force at London's Global Climate Strike

It was an intergenerational protest day out.
VICE Staff

A One-Day Search for the UK's Best Chicken Wing

Or: how Britain looked beyond breast and came to host Europe's largest chicken wing festival.
Ryan Bassil

You Wouldn't Believe Joe Gilgun's Life Story – So He Spun It into TV

The ‘This Is England’ actor puts his bipolar disorder, troublemaking childhood and love of Lancashire into semi-autobiographical new series, ‘Brassic’.
Hannah Ewens

Maxine Peake Is Sick of Remainers Blaming 'Racist Northerners'

We spoke to the 'Gwen' star about Brexit, despair and trans rights.
Michael Segalov
Save Yourselves

Everything You Need to Know Before Attending Your First Protest

If you're planning on skipping school to attend the Fridays For Future march, you should come prepared.
Dominique Sisley

Simon Amstell's New Film Helped Him Understand His Twenties

We spoke to the writer-director of 'Benjamin' about fame, relationships and his famous presenting style.
Michael Segalov

Remembering Wardour News, Another Lost Cultural Institution

The Soho boutique has been everything a newsagents could be.
Hannah Ewens
First Dates

I Took Every Member of 5 Seconds of Summer on a Date to Nando's

We spoke about fame, boybands and how we are all hurtling towards our inevitable deaths.
Daisy Jones

Photos of the Lunches That All Sorts of Workers Take to Work

We wanted to know if being, say, a tour manager, a developer, a police officer or a teacher affects how you eat. So we asked a load of people in different jobs about their diets.
Christopher Bethell