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We've Hit Peak Astrology

The celestial phenomenon isn't just experiencing a boom, it's become something else entirely, with its own rules and humour.
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7 hours ago
Festivals 2019

Everything You Need to Remember Ahead of Festival Season

Don't bring psychedelics if you've never taken them, and stock your flat with delicious food for the following week.
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Smash Hits and Superstars

We Made Drag Artist Courtney Act Review Lil Nas X, Madonna and More

“Okay, it happens at 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the video. She’s definitely sucking something. It looks like… a penis?”
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Here's the Deal With...

Ruthie Is Pushing 70s Songwriting into the Present Day

She used to front the punk band Bruising, but now she's gone solo. Here's her new track “Land Of My Lover”.
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Here's the Deal With...

salute Is Making Us Fall in Love with UKG All Over Again

The UK-by-way-of-Vienna producer just released a bittersweet dance track, “All About U”, and you can listen to it right here.
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Objectively Correct Lists

Every Madonna Persona Identified, Then Ranked

From 'BDSM Madonna' to 'Tonguing Britney Madonna', she's been them all and more.
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Tshepo Mokoena

Why Is Pop Culture Obsessed with Murderous Lesbians?

We can trace a blood-drenched, sociopathic line all the way from Hitchcock's 'Rebecca' to the new series of 'Killing Eve.'
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Here's the Deal With...

Tallsaint's Pop Takes Tiny Intimacies and Makes Them Huge

Here's everything you need to know about the Leeds artist, alongside her new video “Hard Love.”
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Glastonbury 2019

Everything We Know About Glastonbury 2019 So Far

Janelle Monae! A mega Victorian pier! Sam Fender?
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Here's the Deal With...

Glasgow, Goth-Pop and Romance: Meet The Ninth Wave

We're premiering a new video from the duo, “Used To Be Yours”. Here's everything you need to know about them.
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Important Questions Raised By...

Exploring the Actual Science Behind Why Music Makes Us Feel Good

From the calming frequencies, to dopamine released when we hear our favourite tracks, can music really heal us? Or is that bullshit?
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Important Questions Raised By...

We Asked People What The ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ of Albums Is

Nirvana's 'Nevermind' is just 42:20 minutes of wailing. Fight me.
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