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Inside the Huge Roti-Making Operation at ‘Muslim Glastonbury’

At the yearly Ahmadiyya Muslim Community festival in Hampshire, volunteers make 300,000 flatbreads over three days.
Dalia Dawood
Middle Eastern cuisine

A Love Letter to Dolma, a Middle Eastern Parcel of Joy

Arabs, Greeks, Turks, Azerbaijanis—all are united by their love of dolma, the centuries-old dish of stuffed grape vine leaves.
Dalia Dawood
Middle Eastern food

A Sugar-Saturated Guide to Middle Eastern Sweets

After Great British Bake Off contestants were left confused by a recipe for ma’amoul, I headed to London bakery Patisserie Patchi to sample some of their most popular Arabic desserts.
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Caribbean food

This Vegan Caribbean Cookbook Is Grandma-Approved

Craig and Shaun McAnuff launched Original Flava, their Caribbean cooking YouTube channel, in nan Lurline’s South London kitchen. This month, they release their first vegan cookbook.
Dalia Dawood

Welcome to the World’s Least Likely Palestinian Restaurant

What the Fattoush? is run by two non-Arabs out of a bar in East London. But its dishes—and commitment to Palestinian causes—are genuine.
Dalia Dawood
Palestinian food

Yasmin Khan’s New Cookbook Is a ‘Fun, Frightening, Joyful, Stressful’ Adventure into Palestinian Food

In 'Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories from the Palestinian Kitchen,' the London food writer travelled Palestine, collecting stories and recipes from the people who live there.
Dalia Dawood

All the Best Ways to Break Your Ramadan Fast

“Iftar is nostalgic. Your whole diet changes and suddenly you’re not interested in burgers and fried chicken, you just want food that reminds you of home.”
Dalia Dawood