Row Z

An Ode to England's Most Memeable Footballer

Every era has its cult players. In the 2010s, ours were meme footballers – and one man, Phil Jones, stands out as the first among equals.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

Only Leicester's Brendan Rodgers Can Derail the Pep Express

The former Liverpool boss finally has a chance to bring the league title home to Anfield.
Hydall Codeen

I Tested the Saving Technique That Promises Retirement at 40

The FIRE – "financial independence, retire early" – movement is all about hoarding enough cash, before investing it and living off the dividends.
Hayden Vernon
Row Z

The Premier League's Weirdest Player Is the Christmas Hero We All Need

An ode to Callum Paterson, Cardiff City's moustachioed wiggling weirdo.
Hydall Codeen
Row Z

House Rules for The Best Football Pub Ever

For my generation, watching football means the pub. So here's how to create the perfect boozing and viewing scenario.
Hydall Codeen
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Cutting Inside Arjen Robben: The Compulsive Slaphead Who Will Kill You the Same Way Over and Over Again

It’s time to applaud a player who's been scoring the same FIFA '96 bug goal for almost 20 years.
Hydall Codeen

Tim Westwood Deserves Your Respect, Baby

Today, on his 60th birthday, let's revel in the achievements of the UK’s premier Slenderman-shaped hip-hop DJ.
Joel Golby
Fandom Week

An Oral History of Despair Faction, AFI's Tight-Knit Fan Forum

Key message board members look back on how the now-defunct site created marriages, friendships and, um, lifetime MTV event bans.
Aideen O'Flaherty
The God Illusion

The Cult: Roger Federer

Our society has lost all perspective when it comes to the importance we place on athletes. But with Roger Federer and his godlike tennis, perhaps we're not far off.
Toby Sprigings
Spittle Red Riding Hood

The Cult: El Hadji Diouf

One of the most widely disliked players of his generation, El Hadji Diouf was as much a source of morbid fascination as he was one of football’s ultimate figures of hate.
Will Magee

The Cult: Hulk Hogan

To a child of the nineties, the glorious circus of professional wrestling was viewed through guileless eyes.
Will Magee
You Need to Hear This

The Evolution of J Dilla

In the next of our hip-hop retrospectives we look back over James Dewett Yancey's trailblazing career.
Tamara Roper