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The Best Food in Yangon Is Cooked by Street Kids

An initiative in the Burmese capital trains street children and marginalized youth to become confident chefs.
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This Syrian Restaurant Is Fighting Negative Stereotypes About Refugees

The refugee-run restaurant, launched by a heart surgeon, hopes to create a different kind of conversation about Syrians in Europe.
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The War Next Door Won't Stop Turkey's Assyrian Winemakers

Turkey’s tiny Christian Assyrian community continues to produce wine the way it has for thousands of years, despite political turmoil and war just across the border in Syria.
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Cafes, Croissants, and Peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

After decades of civil war, the cafe scene in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is slowly beginning to take off, providing both new delicious food options and a sense of normalcy to a conflict-scarred region.
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Turkey's Signature Street Delight Is Made with Singing Knives

Kokoreç is made by wrapping lamb intestines around offal such as heart, sweetbread, and lungs, seasoned and roasted slowly over coals. The sound of the knives chopping it also makes the soundtrack of our streets.
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We Asked a Veteran Peruvian Ayahuasca Shaman About Dumb Tourists

In the middle of the ayahuasca industry boom, we wanted to find out what life's been like for one of the local shamans using the mind-bending medicine to heal people.
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What I've Learned Trying Not to Get Killed as a Transgender Sex Worker

We spoke to some of the trans women living in the European country where you're most likely to get murdered for being trans.
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