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Climate Change Is Threatening Bologna’s Most Popular Pasta

"People normally eat tortellini at Christmas in a broth but for the last five years, we haven't had a winter."
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Spending Christmas in Rio de Janeiro's Only Wine Bar

“Everyone told me it was a big risk,” says Dominic Parry, owner of WineHouse bar in Rio, a city where cold beer rules supreme. “Brazilian wine is very different. It’s fresh and fruity, and it’s easy to drink.”
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Why Brazil’s Answer to Mexican Tequila Is the Perfect Drink

Older than Peruvian pisco and Mexican tequila, cachaça originates from sugarcane plantations in north Brazil. "Cachaça is the perfect drink," says restaurant owner Silvio Luiz de Oliveira. “It invigorates the energy and makes a great caipirinha."
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Brazilian Olympic Sailors Concerned About the Legacy of the 2016 Games

Brazilian sailors are disappointed that officials did not do enough to clean up the water in the bay.
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This Tiny Berry Could Help Save the Amazon

In 2014, açaí production in the Amazon was worth more than £84.5 million, with the fruit being sold locally and sent to Rio de Janeiro. It’s part of a drive to promote non-timber products and reduce deforestation of the rainforest.
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Shooting For Respect: The Indigenous Brazilian Archers Attempting To Become Olympians

An archery program for marginalized native Brazilian youth has been more successful than expected and ultimately could produce the country's first indigenous Olympian.
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"No Teachers, No Doctors," and More Police Violence: How the Rio Olympics May Victimise Street Children

By siphoning government money away from social services and encouraging violent police "pacification" of poor favelas, Rio's upcoming Summer Olympics may make life even tougher for homeless children.
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The Fight To Save Women's Basketball In Brazil From Itself

It wasn't so long ago that Brazil's women's basketball team was one of the best in the world. But, as Rio 2016 approaches, it all appears to be falling apart.
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Growing Basketball in Brazil's Favelas

The NBA is partnering with Rio de Janeiro's sport secretary of state to develop basketball in the largest favela in Rio.
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Will Brazil's New Anti-Doping Lab Be Ready for the Rio Olympics?

After losing its WADA accreditation in 2013, Brazil's top sports doping laboratory has a new building and a bigger staff. Will it be ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio?
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A Snapshot From the Inaugural World Indigenous Games

With more than 2,000 athletes from around 30 different countries, the first World Indigenous Games was an unruly clash of tradition and modernity, politics and performance.
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