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I Searched for the Most Outrageously High Fashion TK Maxx Deals

After a viral tweet showing an Off-White jacket for sale at a fraction of its RRP in TK Maxx Hammersmith, one intrepid writer scoured the shelves for high-end finds.
Douglas Greenwood

The Universe Belongs to Nilüfer Yanya

On her soft-rocking debut album the young west Londoner remains fiercely independent while setting up a path for world domination.
Douglas Greenwood

How the Indie Kids of 2018 Found Solace in Bedroom Pop

From Clairo to Yellow Days, young acts are winning young fans with their frank discussions of heartbreak and mental health.
Douglas Greenwood

L Devine Is Patiently Working to Be the UK's Next Big Pop Star

The 21-year-old's experience in the industry so far tells an interesting story about how breaking British pop acts even works.
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Noisey Hitlist

Yellow Days Has the Weight of a Sad Generation on His Shoulders

His new tune, "What’s It All For", is a funky if slightly blue number about those stresses and strains, which he spoke about in our interview.
Douglas Greenwood

Pop’s Embrace of Languages Besides English Feels Here to Stay

How acts from Rosalía, who sings her modern flamenco in Spanish, to K-pop groups show that English may not be pop's lingua franca forever.
Douglas Greenwood

Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ Makes Queer Love Blissful

The YouTuber-turned-musician's second album shifts the LGBTQ+ narrative away from hardship and towards the sweet complexities of love.
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But Why

Why Does Jess Glynne Have More UK Number 1s than Adele or Beyoncé?

How a largely unassuming north Londoner became the first British woman in chart history with seven chart-toppers.
Douglas Greenwood
Remembering Things

Stories of all the Messy Teen Moments that Avicii Soundtracked

“I was poolside and had just got a bum tattoo in Magaluf when I heard that “oooh sometiiiimes” Etta James sample on ‘Levels’.”
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