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Save Yourselves

'Climate Grief' Is Real and I've Got It Bad

A new report suggests a "high likelihood" of civilisation ending by 2050 due to climate change. If you've slid into a state of abject despair, you're not the only one.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

A Changing Climate Gives Us a Chance to Change the World

As higher temperatures become the new normal, we're going to be affected in all sorts of ways.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Meeting the McStrikers at McDonald's First Ever UK Strike

Workers in Crayford and Cambridge are fighting for improved pay and working conditions.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan
workers rights

McDonald's Workers Are Set to Strike for the First Time in UK History

Union says members have been left with no alternative after the company drastically cut employee hours and workers made allegations of bullying.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan
The VICE Manifesto

Why Is No One Talking About Regulating the Banks?

In 2008, the world's economy crashed. Afterwards, we were told banks would be broken up. So what happened?
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

The Hit List: Who We Should Protest Next

Imagine the change we could bring if we concentrated efforts on the people and organisations whose minds might actually be changed by smart, focused activism.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Your Full Attention for the Demonstration: Inside the British Airways Strike

Many cabin crew are in debt and forced to work second jobs.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan
BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Left-Wing Arguments For and Against Brexit

When coherent concerns are expressed about the EU, they tend to be rooted in Tory ideology. But there is also a fiery debate on the left that never once mentions "taking our country back".
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

The Hillsborough Documentary That Shows What Really Happened In 1989 Will Finally Air This Weekend

We spoke to director Daniel Gordon about the harrowing process of interviewing the families of the 96, and why he included the voices of police officers in the story.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Colombian Trade Unionists Keep Getting Assassinated

Either that, or thrown in jail cell with their paramilitary enemies.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

Colombian Soldiers Have Been Killing Mentally Ill Civilians and Selling Their Bodies to the Government

The families of "false positive" victims are still fighting for justice.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan

The Colombian Government Is Killing Its Peasant Farmers for Their Land

The campesinos don't want to see any more of their friends and family killed.
Ellie Mae O'Hagan