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The Stupid Issue

In Defence of Billy Joel

For all his commercial success, Billy Joel gets no respect, but his distinctly simple music about the angst of being a Long Island piano man resonates with me, a millennial.
Eve Peyser

What Bernie Supporters Think of the Term 'Bernie Bro'

The notion that Sanders supporters are different from other Democratic voters seems poised to dominate the never-ending debate over the 2020 primary.
Eve Peyser

This Is What It Takes for a Trump Voter to Change Their Mind

Why the widely-mocked case of a butterfly expert – and Republican – upset over the president's border wall actually matters.
Eve Peyser
Eric Andre

Eric Andre Should Be Trump's Next Chief of Staff

The comedian has an innate understanding of chaos – and he would end politics as we know it.
Eve Peyser
we saw this

Hologram Concerts Don't Suck, You're Just a Hater

I went to see hologram Roy Orbison in concert because why the hell not?
Eve Peyser
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Right-Wing Media Can't Quit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I spent 24 hours reading every attack on the lefty congresswoman I could find.
Eve Peyser

Ivanka Trump on Using Private Email: It’s No Big Deal When I Do It

The first daughter said there's "no equivalency" between Hillary's email scandal and her own in a new interview.
Eve Peyser

The 14 Most Bizarre Things Donald Trump Apparently Believes

According to the president, you need ID to buy cereal, and asbestos could have helped save the World Trade Center from 9/11.
Eve Peyser
2018 election

Americans Love Weed, Midterms Suggest

During a bitterly divided election, red states and blue states both embraced cannabis measures.
Eve Peyser
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Alec Baldwin Arrested for Being Alec Baldwin

The ill-tempered actor was arrested after allegedly punching someone over a parking spot.
Eve Peyser
Mass Shootings

After Pittsburgh, American Jews Are Mournful, Afraid, and Defiant

"We shouldn't be shocked that something like this happened."
Eve Peyser

Hey Google! Is It Cool If My Emails Have Some Fucking Personality?

Gmail's new tools are supposed to make life easier, but they suck the humanity out of writing an email.
Eve Peyser