Haisam Hussein

The Restless Youth Issue

A Timeline of Youth in Revolt

The world’s youth have always found ways to stand up for what’s right.
Haisam Hussein

How Does Global Trade Work?

The world has become a vast, interlinked, and sometimes interdependent marketplace.
Haisam Hussein
The Tight Squeeze Issue

You're More Likely to Be Hit by a Meteor Than Win the Lotto Jackpot

But Americans still spend more on lottery games than sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets, and music combined.
Haisam Hussein

Women Are Taking Over the World's Democracies

We took a look at global democracy and the rise of female leaders around the globe.
Haisam Hussein
The Sick Day Issue

How Does It Work?: Alternative Energy

The move away from fossil fuels seems to be gaining momentum, and a number of creative solutions have emerged.
Haisam Hussein
The Borders Issue

Infographic: Where the World Vacations

Last year, Americans took 73 million trips abroad, with most going next door to Mexico or Canada.
Haisam Hussein
The Up Close and Personal Issue

Beyond Tattoos: A Breakdown of Extreme Body Modification

This month's infographic explores the process of body modification, from subdermal horns and lip splitting to scarification and cheek gauges.
Haisam Hussein
The Holy Cow Issue

A Brief History of Ponzi Schemes

From three-card monte to insurance fraud to more sophisticated financial scams, the goal of a Ponzi scheme is always the same—to make a quick buck.
Haisam Hussein
The We Missed You Issue

How Cops Control Crowds

A graphic look into the types of weapons governments use to keep the public at bay.
Haisam Hussein
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Infographic: California Hasn't Been This Dry in a Millennium

The drought is fanning literal and figurative flames.
Haisam Hussein
The Prison Issue

Infographic: A Breakdown of America's Life Behind Bars

When it comes to prisons, the US favors quantity over quality. We lock up millions and then release them ill-equipped to reenter society, hampered by debt from prison fees, and barred from certain forms of government assistance.
Haisam Hussein
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

We Blew It: A Time Line of Human Impact on the Planet

Can we get a do-over? Pretty please?
Haisam Hussein